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114 Ashwood Dr. Columbia, TN.
(931) 486-3063

     Escape Games Year Round

 Panic in the Woods is a different and unique experience.  You are in an environment that simulates a more authentic setting that challenges all your senses. Because of the nature of our escape rooms proper shoes and attire are recommended.  All of our Escape Rooms are indoors.


While driving down an isolated road, you witness a man dragging a lifeless body into the woods.  You come across an old barn with the lights on.  Hoping to find help, you go inside only to find the killer's accomplice.  You are locked in a room where the murder took place.  The victim was a Federal Agent working undercover to expose a diamond smuggling operation.  You have one hour to discover who the killers are, find the murder weapon as evidence and escape before the killers return.

It is 11:00 pm. You have been summoned to the Lockwood Mansion for the reading of Edmond Lockwood's  last will and testament.  You're listed as one of the long lost relatives to receive an inheritance of a priceless necklace.  But in order to receive your inheritance you must first be locked in the mansion for no more than one hour.  In That time you must find the necklace and the key to the way out, for unexplained things happen at the stroke of midnight.

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